Amazing Grace van de Diemkeshoeve 



Grace is born in a litter of 9 at the kennel of  Ad en Herma van Diem, v.d. Diemkeshoeve NL.

Thank you so much for this wonderfull little Angel.


Grace her parents are:

Dame:  Willow-Tree O'maggy Sparkling Pearl


Hipscore: HD-A.



TNS = normal.

(NCL) 5 = normal.

IGS = normal.

DM = normal.

CEA_CH = normal.

MH = normal.

MDR1 = normal.

Eye tested free 2017.

Glaucoom tested free 2017 .





Vader: Lucky For You Gold Zara's Orion


Hipscore: HD-B

TNS = normal.

MDR1 = normal.

CEA_CH = normal.

CL = normal.

Eye tested free 2016

Glaucoom tested free 2016 .



Sex: bitch  
D.O.B. : 6-3-2018, kennel vd Diemkeshoeve- NL Hipscore A 35


Coat half long color ee-red Dna normal : Cea-Tns-Mdr-1, Cl  parents
DNA profiel: Yes