Wannahave Spicy Dragon



Her name means: Dragen is a Beer in Irland.

And Jetje, just a good Dutch name, meaning deep black .... and that she is.





NHSB G1-2724323 and ISDS 300742 reg.

Glauceum and eye tested clear

Tri colour

Hipscore A

Dna Cea, TNS, Cl, MDR-1 Clear- Normal


52 cm

Starting licence sheep trails.

Dna profile yes

Exterieur very good 






NHSB: 2818583 / ISDS : 308281

Black- white

Dna Cea, MDR-1, Cl, Normal- Clear

Dna Tns: Carier, [Jetje was tested with 1 week, and TNS free...we dothe test again when she is 1 year officialy.]

Hd A

Glauceum and eye tested clear









sex bitch Hipscore Hd A, 36
color B&W CEA Normal by parents
Coat medium TNS Normal
DNA profile Yes MDR-1 Normal by parents
D.O.B. 22-01-2013 CL Normal by parents
Country Netherlands Gonioskopie & Eye test Glauceum and eye tested clear
Breeder Wanahave border collies DNa profile  Yes


Jet her kids