Chocolate Cookie of Shamrock Field




Sex Bitch hipscore FCI-A Norberg waarde 40
Colour Chocolate-White CEA Normal by ouders
coat half long TNS Normal by ouders
inbreeding 1 % MDR-1 will be done
D.O.B. 03-11-2014 DNA profile yes

D.O.B. in/ NHSB nr. Netherlands/ 2984628 Gonioskopie free/ normal
Breeder Shamrock Field Eye test free/ normal








Lynn our youngest has yet to grow a little, before she can leave with Math at the sheep.
In the meantime plays and teaches them many of the other dogs.
Lynn is already our fifth generation on the female blood line.


Lynn parents are:


Fjouwer Famke of Shamrock field




Tunwill's Crush on Cliff

NHSB 2867371

Hipscore 40
TNS normal
CEA normal
eye tested free




Lynn here kids