Hill winds Blow of Shamrock Field






Muis is a quiet good working dog. with a huge passion for herding. She really enjoy doing with my husband together. She has a lot of talent. She is quiet in the head, like her parents Piewie and Gary. Mouse has come at an age of 10 months back to us, after a very good friend of ours had died. Through her we Remember him, we committed ourselves to him .... we miss him so much.
We are grateful to the family therefore very much that she came back to us.....


her parents are:



Fjouwer Famke of Shamrock Field

Eye test CEA-Pra-Cat. Clear : 2010- 2011- 2012

glauceum normal-free

CEA-TNS-CL -MDR-1 : Normal-clear

Hipscore FCI, A, norberg 38

Tri colour


Sire the talented male

Llangadog Gary ISDS 308277

NHSB kennelclub reg. : 2838901

eye test CEA-Pra-Cat. 2011 clear

Hipscore FCI A, norberg 33

Tri colour

Cea, MDR-1,IGS, NCL, MH and TNS Normal

DNA profile.

run of Gary 2015




sex bitch Hipscore Hd A, Norberg 38
colour Tri-colour-half long hair eye tested


Eye test CEA-Pra-Cat. Clear : 2014

glauceum normal-free


breeder Shamrock Field DNA tests CEA-TNS MDR-1,CL Normal by parents
D.O.B. 11-10-2012 DNA Profile Yes







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