Our Border Collies

Step into my World
With the dogs I love
Each path will bring you beauty
The kind that life speaks of.


Legend of Braveheart Checkmate Highlander


Pedigree Gary


Jewel Fields  New Moon Rising


Pedigree Fenna


Amazing Grace van de Diemkeshoeve


Pedigree Grace





Hill winds Blow of Shamrock Field


 "working lines"

Pedigree Muis



Silverado of Shamrock Field


"working lines"



Wanahave Spicy Dragen


 "working lines"

Pedigree Jetje





Gary is available at stud to approved bitches only !




Health test results of Shamrock Field children true all the years we breed Border Collies.

Dogs with pension [ abouth breeding ]



Memory our Love ones at the other site of the Rainbow.




Note: All my dogs are not bred from, until they receive passing heath test scores with succes!

Never ask yourself what did my dogs do for my kennelprifix , but ask yourself what did my dogs do for the breed.