Amazing Grace van de Diemkeshoeve 






























Multi Ch Lucky For You Broadway [Hun]
Rough Black & White, born 27 Aug 2007, hips DKK-1/0












Lucky For You Blue King Of My Castle [Hun]
Rough Blue Merle, born 17 Jul 2011, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0














Multi Ch Bree Hodge To Lucky For You At Real Pearl [Hun]
Rough Blue Merle, born 1 Feb 2009








Lucky For You Gold Zara's Orion [Hun]
Rough Golden Red & White, born 27 Dec 2013, hips HD-B, CL normal, TNS normal














AKC Grand Ch Shoreland 'n All That Jazz CGC RN HIC [Usa]
Rough Black & White, born 2 Dec 2005, hips OFA-Mild, CEA normal












Mne Ch Heronwoods Exlcusive Edition By Sportingfield [Usa]
Rough Black & White, born 7 Nov 2011, hips HD-A/A














AKC Grand Ch Sportingfield Bewitched O'heronwood [Usa]
Rough Black & White, born 7 Jun 2008, hips OFA-Good



Grace her Pedigree












Multi Ch Waveney Caught In Time [Aus]
Rough Black & White, born 31 May 2005, hips HD-A/A, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal












Eyes Of The World Hamunaptra [Bel]
Rough Black & White, born 12 Nov 2008, hips FCI-A2














Eyes Of The World Bizzy Bessy [Bel]
Rough Red & White, born 27 Jun 2002, hips HD-A, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal








Willow-Tree O'maggy Sparkling Pearl [Bel]
Rough Black & White, born 5 Dec 2015, hips HD-A












Wylie Golden Reward [Aus]
Rough Golden Red & White, born 26 Jan 2009, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, CLnormal, TNS normal











Willow-Tree Miss Wien Doris [Bel]
Medium Black & White, born 5 Jun 2013




Willow Tree Escot Girl [Bel]
Medium Black & White, born 25 May 2005



 HD uitslag/ hipscore FCI of  Grace