Three Generation Pedigree



Wanahave Spicy Dragen




Sire:  Sam


Dam : Noortje





NHSB G1-2724323 en ISDS 300742 reg.

Ogentest Glaceum test vrij

Drie kleur- tri colour

Hd A

Dna Cea, TNS, Cl, MDR-1 Clear- Normal


52 cm

Starting licence sheep trails.

Dna profile yes- ja

Exterieur very good 

 Jim ISDS 277807

1th place in final Dutch National 2007!!!
Jim 2th member Dutch Team for the World Trial 2008!!

Continental Champion Brace 2009!!

Black Tricolour, born 31 Mar 2005,

hips HD-A,

CEA normal


Bill (ISDS 252806)
Black Tricolour, born 15 Aug 1999,

A.P. Gallagher


Gyp (ISDS 261603)

Black Tricolour,

born 11 Aug 2002


Tess (ISDS 275757) [Ned]

from Mrs. E Van der Zweep
Black Tricolour,

born 16 Feb 2005

Rough, tri colour




Glen (ISDS 244489) [Ir]

3rd place World Trial 2005 - European Champion 2005 
National Champion 2006 - 2nd place European Championship 2007

Black Tricolour,

D.O.B. 21 Apr 1999,

hips DKK-0/0 [HD A],

 CEA normal


Tess (NHSB G-0-2325852)

Mrs. E Van der Zweep

Black & White / zwart-wit,

DOB 19 Nov 1997





NHSB: 2818583 / ISDS : 308281

Zwart-wit/Black- white

Dna Cea, mdr-1, Cl, Normal- Clear

Dna Tns: Carier

Hd A

Ogentest- eye tested clear- vrij

 Spot ISDS 281596
 black & white, medium


 Moss ISDS 260050
 black,white and tan, smooth


Sali ISDS 262198
 black & white, rough

Gwen ISDS 281000
black,white and tan, medium

 Bill ISDS 252806
 black,white and tan, smooth


Connie ISDS 233290
 black & white mottled, rough