Fjouwer Famke of Shamrock field




Her Parents are the fames Duke (ISDS 262090) [Ned]
Angel Eyes of Shamrock Field "Babe" [Ned]



sex bitch Hipscore FCI HD-A norbergwaarde 38
colour Tri-colour CEA Normal by ouders
coat medium TNS Normal
inbreeding 7 % MDR-1 Normal
Born 28 -01-2009 DNA Profile Yes

Country Netherlands Gonioscopy  Free 9- 2010
Breeder Shamrock Field Eye test  Eye tested, Cea-Pra-cat. free 2010-2011-2012 



My husband Math waited a long time to have finally a new girl for his flock.

Piewie her full name: Fjouwer means [ 4] four and Famke is girl in the Frisian languages.

Why this name?

Piewie is the 4th generation on mother site in our kennel.

[ Djill - Muis- Babe ]

And Fjouwer was the call name of her grand- grand grand father.

So to houner all the mothers i found it very nice to do this on this way.


Piewie has 2 daughters in our kennel :

Hill winds Blow of Shamrock Field "Muis"

Chocolate Cookie ofShamrock Field "Lynn"


Piewie is a real clown.

Always so happy, and playfull.

She has a trimendest working abillity.

Works very good at the flock.

Friendly to everyone and everybody.

Steady in the head very consentrated at work.




Piewie's  pict's and info kids