Welping Box & Breeding plans 2019- 2020


Nov. / Dec. 2019

Muis will have her last litter with Joe.

This is a repeat litter, see Gael on our website.

We aspect tri colour puppy's.




ISDS 319339, NHSB bijl. 0-2907047


Hill winds Blow of Shamrock Field




Please click on the names of each dog for more information.


Prox. Jan. 2020




Wannahave Spicy Dragon





For both bitches this will be their last litter. On to the next generation in the bloodline.


If you are interested in making an Shamrock field puppy part of you'r family,

please feel free to contact us. Our to know what plans we have ....


Dog names

Reviews of puppy owners


How we work

Read this carefully  please . !
In an email or phone call, tell as much about your family situation , your expectations and what a puppy border collie you expect .

We invite a people who are serious , so are really interested in a puppy from our kennel , to come and look , without obligation , of course .
One can get to know our dogs in this way, see how they live , and their essence view .

Plus you get to know us and we you.
I 'll take time to explain you the health papers to read and explain the tests that we do with our animals .   I talk with you about the nature border collie , and your residential living situation . And whether a border collie would suit you our not.
All your questions will be answered as best as possible and transparent. Also your preferred sport which demands you make are very important to them. Known to me Your questions can before you pass on to write a note so you can not forget anything .

In addition, your family situation , your work hours , etc. is also of great importance. We ask all to make . Best possible match .We work with a waiting list , which takes place in , I can not say exactly , because this can vary , people fall off when cancellations ....  You can then for a dog or bitch come to be just what your preference is on the list. If sex is not important , no problem. This way you can grow your own or for more chance to geth a puppy.

You will stand nicely if you've been here and we both find that a border collie really is something for you . On the waiting list.

And then ?
If you think that you will find in your own neighborhood a another dog , we would appreciate it if you sign out , so be on the list let drain . So we keep a current list of registration .
When a female is in heat , I usually know about when , one knows in advance what combination , the interested wants a puppy out and I'll call you or mail you a moment , and your fellow interested .
In addition, people can still fall off the waiting list who had forgotten to cancel for whatever reason, so do not want a puppy.
I give you the estimated date by when the lady in question is calculated , nine weeks later, so ... - ]

When the little ladies and dandies are born I call or email you back .
The communication of your choice comes with it , or not.
You never know how many males and females are born .
I invite you to the next weekend after the birth of getting caught with cameras to come , visit and enjoy this little puppies .


We work with a formal purchase contracts you are prompted for a down payment . At the first visit to the nest , you can bring your partner or any company, but your company may not amount to more than 2 people . This for the rest for the new mummy not to disturbe .

Then you can when they are 3 weeks old to visit again and 5 weeks off . made choices. The choices were made on the basis of the tenders so long that someone on the list goes to someone who might be a few weeks until the list . I guide you in the choice when you want and need it for example for family's, composition and character ... dog , should you need it .

Why 5 weeks ?
Because you can see how it is about charactor- temperament ect... . 
In the meantime , I will try to involve you with Movies and photo material on the site So you can enjoy the puppy's and how they grow . Out of your comfy computer chair , together with the whole family.

The off . pedigree names are already given at birth to the puppies , because the Council [ kennelclub] , which requires the production of pedigrees . already The call name is obviously your own choice.

With 2-4-6 - weeks [ Drontal pup and Panacure] , the puppies are dewormed , 6 weeks, the vet will vaccinate them and they get a European passport .

Also, the puppies by the veterinarian watched and monitored.
With about 5 weeks of the Board of Directors [ kennelclub] comes to chipping and take a DNA profile the puppy's
The puppy's  are raised in our home , get in touch with people - big - dog household noices

Where normal life revolves around them . Thus the whole social creatures are soon as they withdraw the big world .
Within a few weeks after going home sometime before I get the pedigrees of the Council.
I will send it after receiving the pedigree's, to your home address given by you. Also, I will then mail with the announcement that the Pedigree is send coming.Please lett me know when it arive's.

Export pedigrees [ foreign owners and ] ownership certificate will be sent by the Board of Directors at you 'r home.

When the pups gething there Chip, we reg. him- her into a database.


When they going home, i unsubscribe the pup.

Mabey you have a database in your country. Where you can subscribe him in, for when he walks away....

If you are after the puppy went home ther wood be any questions , please let me guide you or give you advice .
This is about how we work .

This food we give our puppies .

Science Diet Hills, Medium , junior-puppy. It's the red one....

All our breed stock is DNA profiled, Dna tested, eye tested, Glauceum tested, Hipscore tested and have a nice friendly open character.

The working dogs are also open good stady friendly dogs.

If you take a "showdog" or a "traildog" they have to be offered work !

And please dont buy a pup from internet:

Link to german zdf program



If after reading this website questions occur to you , do not hesitate to email or call us .
For interest / o reserve a puppy from this deliberate combinations you can contact us.

Sincerely , Pia & Math