Walkin Upon a Star of Shamrock Field


8 Jan.2005 my Wish a lovely Black & White girl was born.

On 25-04-2015 we have to say good Bey to my Darling life time dog, my soulmate Wish.

It hurts to lett you go my darling.

Love you so much.

Wish's full name is Walkin Upon a Star refering to her wonderfull Daddy Aus.Ch.Winpara Walkin On ThSun .


Wish her Dame is Terverly Maceygray "Macey" 


NHSB : 2542149

Eyetest : Clear at 6 weeks and Aug. 2006/ 2008

Hipscore: FCI A [= Hipscore Free !]

DNA CEA-TNS - CL - MDR-1 : Normal-clear


Colour genes carried: Golden (ee) Red, B&W, Blue-white


Wish has a very nice and open charactor.

She loves everybody, loves to Cuddle and play, and do noughty things.

She is a real Clown.


Wish has to ofsprings in our kennel.

Kate and Trevor.


Wish & Kids pict. album

Wish her own pict. album